The role of the Foundation

Our purpose and our ambition: Scientific and clinical aromatherapy


Our aim is to promote clinical and scientific aromatherapy as a complementary therapeutic approach for the benefit of patients and caregivers.  Our priority areas for intervention are infectious diseases, long-term cancer care, geriatrics (particularly Alzheimer’s disease), palliative care, psychiatry, and pain management. 
We favour hospital settings as they offer guaranteed standards and safety for both patients and caregivers, through patient monitoring and management. Experimentation within a hospital setting offers the Foundation a highly innovative insight.
We also plan to promote clinical aromatherapy based on scientific evidence. This involves providing a high level of scientific proof, safe methods of use, and justification for the use of essential oils, in order to achieve greater clinical and scientific recognition of this innovative discipline. It also involves promoting the rational use of essential oils by specifically trained healthcare professionals in hospital settings. Finally, it is also a case of facilitating the dissemination of scientific data and evidence of clinical efficacy by encouraging the completion and publication of studies in professional journals and the dissemination of information throughout the medical and scientific community.
Over time, justification of aromatherapy practice should enable it to be considered as an essential tool to solve the problems faced by conventional medicine and pharmacology, for example bacterial resistance to antibiotics or problematic hospital-acquired conditions.

Our missions


In line with its aim to promote scientific and clinical aromatherapy, the Foundation is dedicated to two key missions:
– To acknowledge, support and promote existing initiatives through a policy of awarding prizes and grants to hospitals or nursing homes.  The aim is to promote rational use of essential oils by specifically trained healthcare professionals in hospital settings. 
– To promote the exchange of experiences, practices and expertise by disseminating data on aromatherapy and organising meetings for healthcare professionals. Providing access to current knowledge on aromatherapy in hospital settings provides healthcare professionals with approved and consensus-based treatment strategies and focuses energy which is currently spread across various individual initiatives.