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Express Body Cooler

JB 2738/C

This body cream gel has been specially designed for active women. Formulated with Emulfree® CBG MB, its fresh and melting texture penetrates instantly without leaving a greasy sensation, making it easy to dress just after application.

Butter Cream

JB 2732/C

This body balm melts deliciously into the skin thanks to Lipocire™ A SG and leaves it soft and comfortable. Formulated with Emulium® Delta MB, it provides nutrition without any greasy sensation.

Instant Radiant Touch

JB 2725/F

Bring light to your skin with this illuminating cream that immediately brings a healthy glow. Formulated with Emulium® Kappa MB and Geleol™ MB, it can be used on specific areas or on the whole face and leaves a luminous veil on the skin without any greasy effect.

Strawberry Cream Gel

JB 2723/D

As gourmand as a strawberry ice cream, this cream-gel takes care of dehydrated skin thanks to Fresh Cells™ Strawberry. Its light texture obtained with Emulfree® CBG MB penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving an unpleasant residual film.

Grape Sorbet

JB 2718/Z

This O/W emulsion looks like a grape sorbet, with its soft purple color and its cream-gel texture. It softens and takes care of the skin without leaving any unpleasant residual film.

Moisturizing Night Cream

JB 2708/J

The night is the best time to take care of your skin. Thanks to Emulium® Kappa MB, this cream with a cushion texture brings comfort and nutrition, while Gatuline® Skin-Repair Bio provides protection and support skin repair mechanism.

Shimmering Perfumed Balm

JB 2699/V

This body balm melts deliciously into the skin thanks to Lipocire™ A SG and leaves it soft, comfortable and slightly sparkling. Formulated without water, it does not leave a greasy film and provides hydration thanks to Acticire® MB.

Soft & Silky W/O Cream

JB 2642/T

This body cream has been specially formulated for dry and damaged skin, without any compromise on sensoriality. Due to Plurol® Diisostearique CG, its rich yet soft texture envelops the skin like a cocoon and leaves a silky finish, while Acticire® MB brings hydration and comfort.