Mapping practices in hospital settings

The Gattefossé Foundation has carried out initial mapping of essential oil practices in hospital settings in France.
This project, scheduled for completion in August 2019, has been entrusted to Laurent Occhio, a Doctor of Pharmacy who graduated from the University of Lorraine in 2015. Laurent Occhio wrote his thesis on the implementation of aromatherapy procedures at the Lorraine Institute of Oncology (ICL).
The aim of the project is to establish a list of French healthcare establishments using essential oils in their departments and to promote communication and exchange of good practices between establishments that wish to develop new procedures.
This database is not intended for publication, nor does it have any commercial purpose. It is an internal tool for the Foundation, in line with its desire to create a hospital aromatherapy network. It will also allow the Gattefossé Foundation to distribute information about its activities and resources, particularly in relation to its call for projects.
If you are a healthcare professional and you would like your establishment to be included in this database, please send us your details so that we can contact you.
We hope to count on your participation and thank you in advance for your response.

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