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2018 – Andoni Alli, Hospital Pharmacist / Marin Hospital of Hendaye (AP-HP) (Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France)


With a degree from the University of Dijon, he initiated an aromatherapy approach at the Marin Hospital of Hendaye in 2013. This rehabilitation and recuperative care facility uses aromatherapy as complementary medicine in the treatment of wounds, mycoses, gastrointestinal disorders, herpes, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, spasticity and pain in patients with severe disabilities or rare neurological and endocrine diseases.

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2018 – Ioana Farcas, Hospital Pharmacist / Public Health Institution (EPS) Barthélémy Durand in Étampes (Essonne, France)


With an inter-university degree from Paris Descartes University, Ioana Farcas initiated an aromatherapy approach in the departments of this reference institution for mental health in 2015. Under the supervision of a team of pharmacists, this approach is proof of the willingness to set up a scientific aromatherapy programme with staff training and evaluation of the decline in chemical drug intake.

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2017 – Dr Virginie Leroy, Unité de soins d’Accompagnement de soins Support et de soins Palliatifs / Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg (Alsace)


Cette unité utilise les huiles essentielles en complément des thérapies habituelles médicamenteuses dans une approche globale de la personne malade. Depuis 2014, plusieurs protocoles d’aromathérapie ont été mis en place, ciblant les symptômes incomplètement contrôlés par les traitements classiques comme les odeurs désagréables, l’anxiété, les troubles du sommeil ou encore les nausées ou vomissements.
Les premiers résultats montrent un bénéfice certain : globalement efficaces, les soins aromatiques sont bien tolérés et appréciés des patients, des familles et des soignants pour le plaisir olfactif qu’ils procurent.

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2017 – AROVA association, Madagascar


The Madagascan association AROVA (Aromatherapists of Vakinankaratra) aims to train the island’s public or private medical and paramedical staff in the use of Madagascan essential oils, with the approval of the Madagascan Health Ministry’s Traditional Medicines Department. AROVA uses locally-produced essential oils so they can serve as many of the country’s healthcare facilities (community clinics, primary health care centres) as possible. This training provides an opportunity to improve medical practices by discussing case studies and presenting essential oils as an alternative or complementary approach to conventional medicine (in the treatment of infectious diseases, for instance). In these practices, due consideration is given to criteria such as the cost of treatment and the patient’s quality of life.

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Lucile Barré, Nurse / Pierre Delaroche Hospital, Clisson (Loire-Atlantique, France)


Essential oils were first used at Pierre Delaroche Hospital in 2011, within its nursing home unit, on the initiative of Lucile Barré, the lead nurse for pain relief and care. There they have been used to prevent winter respiratory diseases and provide relief to patients suffering from extreme agitation, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, pain, haematomas, nausea, vomiting, or migraines. Their use has now been extended to two other units (long-term care and rehabilitation) accounting for 120 beds in total. Patients in these units, looking for alternatives to medication, were truly satisfied with the results: their headaches were soothed, their well-being improved, they fell asleep more easily, and they enjoyed the comfort aromatherapy offered amidst an often demanding programme of treatment.

The aromatherapeutic protocols were developed by pharmacist Marie-Georges Legrand-Cottalorda and aromatherapist Sylvie Vinet, both of whom are based at Maisdon-sur-Sèvre and hold degrees in clinical aromatherapy from the University of Strasbourg. Both have been working closely with Pierre Delaroche Hospital for a long time.

Read Lucile Barré’s article: L’aromathérapie en hébergement pour personnes dépendantes [Aromatherapy in nursing homes]

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