"Essential oils and clinical innovations" Meeting

The Gattefossé Foundation aims at making it easier for academicians and Health professionals to share experiences and knowledge about the use of essential oils and their benefits for patients by organizing meetings and conferences.

2010 – 44th Journées galéniques de St Rémy de Provence: “Is there a role for essentials oils in current and future healthcare?”

Robert Anton, Chair of the Foundation’s Aromatherapy Steering Committee
This event, specifically dedicated to essential oils, and held between the 17th and 20th June 2010 included presentations and discussions on various aspects of essential oils, attended by international experts, university professors, and specialists. Following their interesting conclusions, the decision was taken to promote their uses in accordance with clearly defined restrictions. 

2014 -“Huiles essentielles et innovations cliniques en milieu hospitalier” [Essential oils and clinical innovations] meeting


Essential oils and clinical innovations meeting 2014

This meeting, held in Lyon in November 2014, was attended by doctors, nurses, healthcare managers, trainers and university professors. It provided an opportunity to share experiences and good practices for the use of essential oils in hospital settings.
“Our objectives are to make healthcare professionals feel less alone in their departments, overcome hesitations, fulfil desires and promote initiatives”.
Professor Jacques Kopferschmitt, member of the Aromatherapy Steering Committee



2017 – Françoise-Couic Marinier’s conference in Saint-Priest, France


Françoise Couic-Marinier, a Doctor of Pharmacy, aromatherapy trainer and member of the Foundation’s Aromatherapy Steering Committee, was invited to Lyon in September 2017 to present and explain to Gattefossé staff the different uses of essential oils in hospital settings.

Read Françoise Couic Marinier’s presentation


Essential oils can be used in different ways as a complementary therapeutic approach in hospital settings. They help to treat different types of pain and illnesses.


Aromatherapy can have a genuine impact on patient health but also on caregiver well-being. Françoise Couic-Marinier presents the expected benefits.




Essential oils can be used in different ways in hospital settings such as diffusion, massage or cutaneous application. Françoise Couic-Marinier presents the various methods of application.