Valenciennes hospital rewarded with 'Essential Oils and Clinical Innovation' prize

Last April 22th 2016, Gattefossé Foundation has awarded Valenciennes hospital in recognition to its innovative use of essential oils.

Instigator of the “Essential Oils and Clinical Innovation” prize since 2014, the Gattefossé Foundation is pleased to reward this year the Valenciennes (Northern France) hospital centre, which has successfully  implemented essential oils in its approach to patient care and support.

Driven by Dr. Géraldine Gommez-Mazaingue, geriatrician, the team of Valenciennes geriatric service has developed since 2009 rigorous and secure aromatherapy protocols, in order to bring relief to elderly and weakened patients who suffer from the side effects of heavy treatments (headaches, skin conditions, insomnia, anxiety…). The therapeutic properties of these complementary practices on patients were quickly proven.

The use of essential oils has indeed shown benefits for the health workers as well, as they “have made the act of ‘caregiving’ central to their job, they feel more fulfilled in their work as a result”, according to Dr. Géraldine Goomez-Mazaingue.

Following these positive results, many other services of the hospital (neurology, pediatric, maternity, oncology, psychiatry, radiology) introduced essential oils in their own departments.

An Institutional Aromatherapy Group was created in 2014 by the hospital to bring together these initiatives, guarantee good practices and harmonize protocols while adapting their use to the particular characteristics of each department.

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