Aromatherapy : the Gattefossé Foundation rewards two Health establishments

The Gattefossé Foundation has awarded two establishments with a prize and a grant, following its call for applications 2017 « Essential oils and clinical applications of aromatherapy ».

The Théophile Bretonnière residence receives the Gattefossé Foundation prize


On Monday Sept 18th 2017, the Foundation prize (10 000€) was awarded to the Théophile Bretonnière residence in Saint-julien de Concelles (Loire Atlantique, France) represented by Delphine Bienon, neuropsychologist and Thierry Podevin, pharmacist.

The Théophile Bretonnière residence has been engaged in a non-medicinal approach of care and has set up various aromatherapy  protocols since 2012. These protocols aim to prevent bronchial disorders and flu infections of residents and nursing staff, to limit night wanderings and agitation during hygiene care as well as behavioral disorders due to Alzheimer’s disease. More recently, a protocol has also been implemented in palliative care.

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The UnASP* of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg rewarded by the Foundation’s grant


UnASP Strasbourg receiving the Foundation Gattefossé grant

On Friday Sept 15th 2017, the Foundation grant (5 000€) was awarded to the UnASP team of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg represented by Dr Virginie Leroy.

This unit uses essential oils in addition to traditional medicinal therapies. Since 2014, several aromatherapy protocols have been developed, targeting the symptoms that can’t be fully covered by conventional treatments such as unpleasant odors, anxiety, sleep disorders or nausea. First results have demonstrated a real benefit: aromatherapy treatments are efficient, well tolerated and appreciated by patients, families and caregivers for the olfactory pleasure they provide.

*UnASP: Unité de soins d’Accompagnement de soins Support et de soins Palliatifs

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