The Scientific and Clinical Committee

In order to cater for the specificity and complexity of the subject, the Foundation has drawn on specialised skills and created a committee of multidisciplinary experts. This committee sets out the Foundation’s strategy, decides on the allocation of prizes and grants and oversees the quality of articles and other data published by the Foundation.


Professor Robert Anton

Professor Emeritus at the University of Strasbourg, Robert Anton is a member of the National Academies of Pharmacy and Medicine and of the Supreme Council on Public Safety at the Ministry of Health.
A specialist in the natural substances and products in medicines, cosmetics, and food supplements, he is an expert advisor to the French Health Products Safety Agency (AFSSAPS) , the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and the European Health Committee of the Council of Europe.
He is author of over 300 scientific publications and around 30 books on pharmacology, with special emphasis on the pharmacochemical and toxicological properties of plants.
Robert Anton is the Chair of the Aromatherapy Steering Committee and a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. 


Doctor Sabrina Boutefnouchet

Doctor of Pharmacy, Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy – Chemistry of Natural Substances of the Faculty of Pharmacy – University Paris-Descartes. Expert in two working groups at ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety).. Co-responsible for the IUD “Phytotherapy Aromatherapy: current data, limits” Paris-Descartes / Paris-Sud. Member of the Board of Directors of AFERP: Francophone Association for Teaching and Research in Pharmacognosy.


Doctor Philippe Colls

Urologist surgeon, a graduate of the University of Angers since 1997, he is practicing Urology in all its medico-surgical forms within the Jules Verne Clinic (Nantes) since 2004. Very early interested in the complementarity of the phyto-aromatherapy in Urology, he took courses in Aromatherapy Scientist in 2011 and 2012, led by Dominique Baudoux. In 2018, he obtained the University Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Strasbourg.
He has been practicing aromatherapy in his discipline for seven years and has introduced it into various hospitalization departments in his institution.


Doctor Françoise Couic Marinier

PhD in retail pharmacy, holder of research degree (maîtrise) in biological and medical science in the areas of analytical chemistry and pharmacognosy, Francoise Couic-Marinier  has been an educator in aromatherapy for nine years as part of continuing education in  pharmaceutical and foot specialisation studies. She is a lecturer for aromatherapy laboratories, consultant for the development of aromatic formulas, and editor and member of the editorial board of Actualités Pharmaceutiques (“Pharmaceutical News”).
A practicing retail pharmacist, she is the author of the book “Huiles essentielles: l’essentiel” [“Essential Oils: The Essentials”].


Professor Jacques Kopferschmitt

As a professor in Medical Therapy at Strasbourg University’s Faculty of Medicine, Jacques Kopferschmitt is a specialist in Internal Medicine and qualified in Medical Resuscitation. After having worked as medical division manager and been an accident and emergency department manager, his clinical expertise has also included the teaching hospital’s Permanence d’Accès aux Soins de Santé (PASS), a free medical center made available for disadvantaged citizens. Performing such a variety of activities has naturally facilitated his work in developing teaching and research concerning Complementary Therapies at the teaching hospital and at the University. Consequently, the introduction of the teaching of such therapies, which constitutes an innovation in the medical field and at medical school, is used to supplement the pharmacotherapeutic educational approach used throughout this training. As the author of more than one hundred and fifty publications, his current work focuses on the strategic communication and consultancy aspects for these new therapies, including aromatherapy.


Doctor Jean Michel Morel

Specialist in General Medicine, lecturer in Phyto-aromatherapy at the University, creator of the participatory website and the IFTAC training institute, author of the “Traité pratique de Phytothérapie”, 618 pages, Ed. Grancher, president of the National Union of Phyto-Aromatherapy SNPA.


Tribute to Annelise Lobtstein

The Foundation expresses immense gratitude to Annelise Lobstein, pharmacist and Professor of Pharmacognosy at the University of Strasbourg’s Faculty of Pharmacy, who left us in December 2017.  As one of the first members of the Aromatherapy Steering Committee, she made a major contribution to the development and facilitation of the Foundation’s “hospital aromatherapy” approach. Her thoughts, characterised by a high degree of accuracy, have guided and united us on the role of essential oils within a humanist vision of health.