Ségolène Moyrand-Gros appointed President of the Gattefossé Group

Just turned 40, Ségolène Moyrand-Gros is taking over the presidency of the family group Gattefossé. She represents the 5th generation and succeeds her father Jacques Moyrand who headed Gattefossé for 25 years.


This decision starts a new chapter in the group’s history, which began 140 years ago. On May 18th, 2021, the Board of Directors approved this well-prepared decision.

“After many years as president of Gattefossé, the time has come for metostepback. And it is with great confidence and optimism that I hand over the family torch to Ségolène. She has demonstrated the skills and qualities that one would expect of a president and I know that she is well supported by our management team. Together with Eduardo de Purgly, Chief Executive Officer, they form a strong tandem. A new page is opening for Gattefossé, under the sign of youth and femininity,”

Says Jacques Moyrand, who remains close to the company through his position on the Board of Directors.


Following in her father’s footsteps, but also in those of her great-grandmother Blanche Gattefossé, who presided the company for nearly 20 years, Ségolène wants to leave her imprint on the history of the company, while continuing the momentum that has already been achieved:

“It is with a lot of pride, determination and enthusiasm that I have accepted this position. I wish to continue the success story written by my predecessors, whose talent and personality have made the company what it is today. Gattefossé has both the potential and the means to forge a brilliant future. It is also a human adventure, as underlined by our tagline “People Make Our Name”, that characterizes our company. My ambition for Gattefossé is to achieve sustainable and responsible growth.”

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