Gattefossé launches its new affiliate Gattefossé Mediterranean

Gattefossé inaugurates this May, 18th 2016 its new affiliate Gattefossé Mediterranean, managed by Mr fayçal El Aouni and based in Tunis.

In order to consolidate its presence in the Arab world, Gattefossé inaugurates this Wed. 18th May 2016 its 13th affiliate Gattefossé Méditerranean,  with the distinguished presence of Mr Jacques Moyrand, Gattefossé group Chairman, Mr Olivier Midler, Group CEO, the French Ambassador in Tunis and representatives of the Tunisian government.

Set up in Tunis, this regional structure contributes to increasing Gattefossé’s influence in the 16 countries of the covered area  (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Lebanon) and enables the group to provide its customers with a direct presence, thus ensuring reactive and adapted answers.

Managed by Mr Fayçal El Aouni, this new affiliate is composed of two personal care and pharmaceutical technical sales engineers for Maghreb and Middle East, one pharmaceutical technical support for the whole area and one commercial assistant. They ensure direct marketing of Gattefossé products and provide technical support and expertise to the eight local distributors, with which long-lasting relationships have been created.

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