Invitation - "Les confluences franco-chinoises 2019"

Gattefossé, founding member of the New Franco-Chinese Institute, is pleased to invite you to the round table: "Well-being in China: how do traditional medicine and climate change influence the world of health and beauty?"
In China, health and beauty industries are growing very fast and are affected by cultural and environmental specificities. The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an example, with more than half a million practitioners.
During this meeting, the speakers will present this medicine interests and how it can be used to create effective drugs which facilitate patients compliance.
The experts will also address the issue of climatic variations in China, which has an effect on the skin.
Gattefossé is pleased to invite you on Monday, September 23 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Lyon City Hall (round table in both French and Chinese): Click here to register (in French)
  • Pr. Yi FENG: Shanghai TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) University
  • Dr. Michèle GERMAIN : Physiologist and professor at Lyon 1 University
  • Xiaobing XIONG : Vice President, RongChang Pharmaceutical
  • Eileen LIU : General Manager, Gattefossé China
  • Dr. Paula LENNON : Group Director Personal Care, Gattefossé
  • Dr. Frédérique MORIZOT : Beauty and Wellness Research Director, Chanel Parfums Beauté