Information - COVID-19

Gattefossé is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for its customers and its employees, worldwide.
As responsible professionals and employers, we are doing our best to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, while maintaining optimal operational conditions and complying with existing national measures, wherever Gattefossé is implemented.  
Regarding our Headquarters and production operations in France, and since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreakwe have implemented all the recommendations suggested by the authorities : 
  • Collaborators whose presence is not strictly necessary onsite are working from their homes since March 17; 
  • No more physical meetings, intensive use of instant messaging platforms and videoconference;
  • One office per person for collaborators on site; 
  • Travel restrictions onsite, and no external visits allowed  
  • Company restaurant closed, strict health instructions for meals onsite; 
  • Increased frequency of cleaning in frequented areas; 
  • Travel ban; 
  • Frequent communication on hygiene instructions to all collaborators. 
Since Tuesday, March 17th 2020, we have decided to take additional measures: our production, quality control, and supply chain employees are now the only ones still operating on-site, while all other activities are managed remotely.
Therefore, we ensure business continuity and the manufacturing and delivery of our products.   We will keep you updated concerning any change in the current situation and will continue to provide you the highest possible level of service and support.