Gattefossé works in partnership with BioMeca

As part of the development of EleVastin ™, new cosmetic active ingredient which will be launched on April 1st, 2021, Gattefossé has partnered with BioMeca to functionally analyze its 3D dermal microtissue model (called spheroid).

This advanced 3D model has been successfully used to measure the efficacy of EleVastin ™, which claims to fight sagging skin. It is particularly suitable for measuring the density of elastic fibers and the elastic properties of the skin in vitro.

BioMeca supports the personal care and pharmaceutical industries to better understand the mechanisms of action of active ingredients, finished products and therapeutic molecules.

An interview with Dr HDR Nicolas Bechetoille

Photo Nicolas Bechetoille



Nicolas Bechetoille, skin biology research manager at Gattefossé,  explains the reasons behind this collaboration.



What are the challenges in your business today?

Develop cosmetic active ingredients of plant origin, effective and differentiating. This differentiation goes through several channels: scientific innovation, the technical approach (new model, new measure), or a new association of biological activities to support a new discourse.

How does the BioMeca solution help you meet these challenges?

We have developed a new efficacy test with spheroids. We lacked the functional biomechanics approach to validate our model as a whole; this is where BioMeca was able to provide us a solution.

Why did you trust the BioMeca solution?

BioMeca offers very fine expertise requiring cutting-edge tools that cannot be found anywhere else.



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