CDP assessment: Gattefossé obtains a B score for 2020 and takes action to reduce its carbon footprint

As part of its CSR strategy, the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions and the management of its environmental impacts are key issues for the company. Facing climate change, Gattefossé is implementing a strategy consisting of measuring the risks, understanding them and seeking opportunities.

Gattefossé has mapped all of its direct and indirect carbon emissions by responding to the CDP assessment on climate change, which applies to the perimeter of its Saint Priest site (Gattefossé Headquarters).

In December 2020, Gattefossé obtained a B score for its actions, a result higher than the European average and higher than the average for companies in the chemical sector, which is C.

“The assessment provided by CDP gives us a better understanding of where we need to focus our attention and encourages us in our continuous climate improvement process. The score obtained for 2020 reflects the company’s commitment at the highest level on this crucial subject. It is also the result of a team effort that has mobilized many employees, partners and suppliers, and we would like to thank them. It is thanks to their involvement and all of their actions that we will continue to make progress” explains Anthony Bailleul, Sustainable Development Engineer at Gattefossé.


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