The "Essential oils and clinical applications of aromatherapy" prize and grants

Each year, in the interest of improving treatment conditions for the most vulnerable patients, the Gattefossé Foundation awards the "Essential oils and clinical applications of aromatherapy" prize and grants to recognize and support medical establishments and initiatives.

Rewarding establishments or initiatives


Essential oils and clinical innovation prize -Gattefossé foundation

In order to promote the use of essential oils as a complementary therapeutic approach to health, the Foundation awards one prize and two grants per year.
The Aromatherapy Steering Committee studies applications submitted by project leaders in response to a call for applications. The Committee then selects the establishments or projects to be rewarded in accordance with pre-defined criteria.
The prize, a sum of €10,000, acknowledges a scientific and clinical approach to the use of essential oils adopted by a French medical establishment or medical team able to demonstrate at least three years of experience, together with benefits for the patient and their environment. The recipients may be public or private healthcare professionals or facilities that offer medical or paramedical services. 
Two grants, worth €5,000 each, promote aromatherapy initiatives offered by a department, team, or project, in France or abroad, that require one-off assistance to continue their development. The goal is to provide practical and sustainable foundations for a new project that has limited financial and human resources. In order to promote clinical research, a grant may also be allocated to conduct or to support the publication of a clinical study.
Prizewinners are invited to present their work, in particular at the Congrès de Grasse (Grasse Convention Centre).

Call for applications


The call for applications is published in October each year.
The jury consists of the members of the Aromatherapy Steering Committee who meet in April.
The successful candidates are notified of the results in May or June.


Our selection criteria:


In total, around 20 criteria are used to select the recipients. They chiefly concern the following key points, such as:

  1. Evidence of at least four years’ experience of using essential oils.
  2. The medical team’s motivation, working together at all levels, having received initial formal training and subsequent monitoring. Lists of precautions for use must be drawn up and observed
  3. Protocols established on the basis of active research into the latest medical and scientific publications, as well as all useful toxicological, pharmacological and chemical information which will be justified. These protocols must be approved by the supervising doctor with their exact descriptions and procedures for use specified. A specification must be kept accurate.
  4. The essential oils will be of a high-quality standard in order to ensure the validity of clinical results. The individuals responsible for their preparation will be identified in accordance with safety regulations and precautions for use.
  5. The clinical results will be assessed according to criteria established by clearly identified individuals. Contact with other departments and discussions within teams will be taken into consideration. An economic assessment will be estimated in comparison with the costs of conventional treatments.
  6. Finally, any future new project will be welcome and studied.