Regulatory affairs

Regulatory books Gattefossé

The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are subject to strict rules that vary from place to place and are constantly changing. To ensure full product compliance, we stay abreast of all such regulatory developments.


Products compliant with cosmetic and pharmaceutical regulations

As we exclusively serve the cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets, our dedicated team of regulatory experts specialized in these sectors provide solid operational support to our customers during all phases of project development.

We constantly monitor legislation and pharmacopoeias to ensure our ingredients remain in compliance. Gattefossé products come with all the guarantees they need for registration in our customers’ regions to accelerate market release.

Each ingredient comes with extensive and regularly updated documentary support compiling all the data and specifications required for its evaluation—i.e., certificates and technical, regulatory, and toxicological documents. Technical and safety data sheets for our products are available on our website through a user account.



Proactive approach to industry regulatory changes

Our membership of several professional associations—and regular participation in their workshops—allows us to closely monitor the shifting international regulatory landscape for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  Through this anticipatory and collaborative approach, we actively contribute to the establishment of new guidelines and prepare for the impact these regulatory developments may have on our business and that of our customers.

For cosmetics, Gattefossé is affiliated with:

For pharmaceuticals, we are members of: