Preserving our environment

At all levels of the company, the objective is to continue our actions in order to continuously reduce the impacts generated directly or indirectly by our activities on the climate, water and biodiversity.


“In this area, every little bit counts”



Our actions towards the “sustainability of raw materials”


All new personal care ingredients are developed according to sustainable sourcing criteria. We are committed to respecting human rights, labor standards, environment, biodiversity throughout the value chain of our products, as well as business ethics by our Responsible Procurement Policy.  


Our current priorities are to:

  • Continuously improve the traceability, transparency and knowledge of our raw materials by setting up an intelligent raw material database.
  • Continuously increase the use of palm oil and palm kernel derivatives that meet specific sustainable and transparent criteria: 



  • RSPO member since 2010 (Roundatable for sustainable palm oil)
  • Saint-Priest production site certified RSPO in 2013 (see certificate), Singapore in 2019 (see certificate)
  • Since 2018, any new ingredient using palm oil or derivatives in its manufacturing processes must meet the “Mass Balance” supply chain certification model
  • By 2023, 100% of our personal care ingredients will be RSPO MB certified




To go further: 


Our actions towards the “environment”


Each year, we carry out a carbon assessment in order to take into account global warming issues in our strategy and to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our current priorities are to:

  • Act in a short term by setting up an action plan to reduce our industrial sites’ carbon emissions.
Our 2022 CDP Climate score: B



  • Strengthen the eco-responsibility of our ingredients by using the criteria of the ERI 360° label. (see Press release)
Already, 3 major active ingredients labeled ERI 360°: 
       – EleVastin™ : Silver
       – Gatuline® RC Bio : Silver
       – Gatuline® Link n Lift : Silver
       – Gatuline® Renew : Silver
       – EnergiNius® : Bronze




  • Pursue biodegradability tests on our functional ingredients (emulsifiers and texturizing agents) to reduce the environmental impact of the end-of-life of our products.
In 2021, we conducted biodegradability tests (OECD 301F method) on Emulium® Dolcea MB and Definicire® and the results are beyond our expectations. After 28 days, Emulium® Dolcea MB is 100% biodegradable and Definicire® is 95% biodegradable!