Knowledge sharing

Gattefossé has developed strong relationships with the international scientific community and shares its knowledge through publications, seminars, and conferences.

The company supports doctoral students and runs contract research projects with various academic groups worldwide.


Les journées galéniques of Saint-Rémy de Provence

Organized by the Gattefossé Foundation, the Journées Galéniques of Saint-Rémy de Provence is a science conference where researchers and university professors gather to discuss the latest developments in pharmaceutical science. The event seeks to promote advanced knowledge and techniques related to the formulation of medicines by encouraging dialogue between scientists from academia and industry that is centered on pharmaceutical technology.
By organizing these meetings, Gattefossé is pursuing the work initiated in the 1960s by Henri-Marcel Gattefosséwho envisioned a company that would foster the flow of ideas between researchers worldwide.
The proceedings of the Journées Galéniques are published in the form of a Bulletin Technique available to all parties in the field of pharmaceutical technology.