Gattefossé Human Rights commitments

Gattefossé’s family culture is based on a deep commitment to sustainability, innovation, and service. An attachment complemented by strong values in terms of ethics and social responsibility which contribute to the group’s long-term success.  In order to sustain our development, it is essential to ensure that our practices comply with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and respect for all our partners. This respect translates into concrete commitments of responsibility, through our Responsible Purchasing Charter and our Ethics Charter. But also, a strong commitment to the Respect for Human Rights that we share within our sphere of influence.  

As a responsible corporate citizen and to meet the growing expectations of our business partners in terms of access to information, we believe that we can contribute to positive human rights impacts by playing our role in terms of Respect for Human Rights. 

At the heart of this declaration, Gattefossé commits to respect the principles of Human Rights, to respect the various local laws and customs and to include these ethical principles into all interactions with the various stakeholders in its sector of activity.  
A declaration formalized as a common framework between Gattefossé employees and our business partners that we are committed to live and respect in our day-to-day work, everywhere in the world and at all levels of the company.
The detailed document is online with our commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organization and our commitments to respect these principles throughout our value chain.