Caring for our people

As a family business since 1880, we are committed to taking care of our talents all over the world. All the employees represent the main resource to ensure our development. This social pillar aims to promote the well-being and personal development of each employee, enable everyone to work in complete safety and good health, while deploying strong and inclusive social values.


“People make our name”



Health & Safety


Gattefossé operates in the chemical business. This industrial sector entails risks which have to be constantly monitored. Such monitoring can only be ensured through prevention. Gattefossé’s management is committed to taking every necessary step so that none of its employees is involved in an accident or injured while carrying out her/his work. 

  • This translates by the development of an integrated safety culture via a Health and Safety management system
  • The implementation of a continuous improvement program of training in incident and accident management
  • The provision of incident sheets to avoid all possible risks (safety and environment)  


Well-being at work


Gattefossé pays particular attention to the well-being and health of all its employees. 

  • This is reflected in the implementation of a Social Policy for all the group’s employees, both in France and abroad
  • A commitment towards employees, reinforced by the measurement of the social climate via a periodic social barometer.


Professional development


Our employees are the heart of Gattefossé’s expertise. An expertise that we must develop within all the teams in order to be able to face the growing scientific, technical and regulatory requirements. This is a challenge in terms of the professional development and also a strong element of the company’s attractiveness.

  • – This support begins as soon as the employee joins the company, with the implementation of an integration program. A specific program with multiple training to discover the activities and become familiar with the company’s culture and values 
  • We propose to all our employees an advanced professional training program specific to each profession. One professional training per year and per employee.  
  • These professional training will be reinforced by the development of qualifying training. 


Equality & diversity


Gattefossé’s worldwide presence is a true source of dynamism, diversity and performance for the group. It is part of the company’s culture and values to promote equal treatment regardless of gender, social or ethnic origin and physical abilities.

  • In 2022, Gattefossé obtained a score of 89/100 on its Professional Equality Index. The average score in France for the same year was 86/100.
This Index, calculated by our group in accordance with French legislation, is composed of several criteria that determine gender inequalities in companies in the form of a score out of 100.
Here are the scores obtained by Gattefossé SAS on 31/12/2021 for each of these criteria:
Gender pay gap: 34/40
Individual pay rise gap: 35/35
Pourcentage of female employees receiving a raise on return from maternity leave: 15/15
Parity among the ten highest earnes: 5/10


These results show an increase of eight points compared to 2019 and encourage us to continue our efforts in terms of professional equality.


  • Gattefossé also wants to work on raising awareness of non-discrimination for all the group’s employees.