Acting as a world citizen

The societal pillar, i.e. all the company’s external contributions to the general interest, it is part of the fundamentals of Gattefossé’s culture and is structured around two priority issues: ethical relationships with the various stakeholders in our value chain and the civic engagement of the company and all its employees.



Strong values in terms of ethics and respect    


  • An ethics charter is intended for all Gattefossé group employees to help them develop their activities in accordance with the group’s ethical principles.
    It is supported by a confidential alert system “” available 24/7 to all Gattefossé stakeholders to report any breach of this ethical charter.
  • We are committed to respecting and promoting Human Rights 


Towards a permanent progress movement

  • Gattefossé is committed to continuing to raise awareness of the principles of its ethics charter among all its international employees.
  • And to set up modules to raise awareness among employees exposed to sensitive situations related to anti-corruption.


Contribute together to the common good


  • For the environment:
    Gattefossé is committed to supporting the protection of biodiversity in the territories where the company is active (plant sourcing). This is achieved through the purchase of equipment, the creation of exclusive contracts, the support of partners towards organic certification and ecological and humanitarian reforestation programs on the French Reunion Island and in Madagascar.


  • For solidarity:
    entreprise des possiblesLocal solidarity initiatives are growing in all Gattefossé group affiliates. For example, through the picking and delivery of fruit and vegetables for the most vulnerable, clean-up and planting days, support for children suffering from hereditary diseases, the renovation of a school, etc.

    In 2020, Gattefossé signed a partnership agreement with the Lyon collective “L’Entreprise des Possibles” which acts for the cause of most vulnerable people in Lyon (France) and its area. This partnership enables employees to participate in this cause by donating days of paid leave and giving time for volunteering in the field.


A corporate sponsorship approach linked to the company’s history


  • For health:
    Through the Gattefossé Foundation, which pays tribute to one of the company’s funders, René-Maurice Gattefossé, by encouraging, in France and abroad, the development of clinical aromatherapy to improve patient care.



  • For science:
    Gattefossé has always considered knowledge and scientific dialogue as a key driver of innovation. In addition to the organization of the Journées Galéniques de Saint-Remy de Provence, created by Henri-Marcel Gattefossé in 1966, the company perpetuates this tradition by setting up a skills sponsorship program: the Student Academy. The first edition in 2021, sponsored by the Académie des Alpilles, was the opportunity to share the basics of lipid pharmacotechnics and new scientific advances with thress European students.




“Today more than ever, the company has a role to play in the communities around it.
I believe in our strength, our generosity and I am convinced that
we can all mobilize and contribute to the common good.”
Ségolène Moyrand-Gros, President of the Gattefossé Group.