Gattefossé Foundation and aromatherapy

The Gattefossé Foundation seeks to promote the use of essential oils in healthcare centers as a complimentary approach to improving health and contributing to overall patient care.

The main actions of the Foundation to promote the use of essential oils in hospitals


 The Foundation acts in two ways to to promote the use of essential oils in hospitals : 

It rewards a prize and two grants per year. To this end, it sets up a call for proposal towards hospitals and care centers. Winners are selected by an Aromatherapy Steering Comittee composed by Medicine and Pharmacy professors, taking into consideration the way establishments communicate and educate around their aromatherapy policy.

The Foundation also encourages the sharing of knowledge through meetings between academics and caregivers and through its supports to doctoral pharmacy thesis, which constitute a rich scientific data base.

A global vision of care and health


The Foundation’s aromatherapy activities come from a comprehensive vision of health.  By incorporating new complimentary therapeutic approaches into traditional allopathic medicine, the needs of patients at specific moments in their therapeutic pathway can be taken into consideration.

The beneficial effects of using essential oils have been observed and assessed.  They transform the relationship between the patient and health care professional by giving the latter the opportunity to place care at the centre of their role and add a new dimension to their practice. The establishments that develop use of essential oils have an innovative take on patient care and support.

To cater for the specificity and complexity of the subject, the Foundation drawn on specialised skills and created an Aromatherapy Steering Committee.

René-Maurice Gattefossé, founder of the aromatherapyA tribute to René-Maurice Gattefossé


By supporting scientific projects in aromatherapy, Gattefossé Foundation pays tribute to one of the symbolic founders of the company, René-Maurice Gattefossé.

Convinced of the virtues of plants and the powers of essential oils, he conducted a number of studies on aromatic cultures throughout his life (1881-1950). One of his books, “Aromatherapy”, published in 1937, was written to promote the use of essential oils in the treatment of infectious diseases.

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Cueillette des lavandiers 1937 GattefosséEssential oils and Gattefossé


Essential oils were the focus of René Maurice Gattefossé’s research and passion at the start of the twentieth century.  But the Gattefossé company stopped using these kinds of raw materials some time ago to concentrate its activities on the development and manufacture of other products, mainly fat derivatives and plant extracts for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Picture: Picking lavenders in 1937