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GreenPalm certificates: Gattefossé sustainably covers 100% of its cosmetic ingredients needs in palm and palm kernel oils

Since its creation in 1880, Gattefossé has always integrated sustainability in its business objectives, adopting a long-term vision and a responsible approach in all aspects of its operations.


As a user of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil derivatives, Gattefossé is sensitive to the environmental impact of palm tree growing. This has led the company to participate in the development of sustainable cultivation.


In 2010, Gattefossé became a member of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil), to support conscientious and responsible palm oil producers and cooperatives.

In 2011 Gattefossé purchased and claimed GreenPalm certificates for its cosmetic application.


This year, Gattefossé already purchased and claimed GreenPalm certificates of sustainable Palm Oil or Palm Kernel Oil which have covered its consumption since the beginning of the year 2012.


Gattefossé’s objective for 2012 is to have 100% of its Personal Care ingredients using PO / PKO derivatives, being RSPO Book & Claim compliant.



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