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Glycerol monooleates (type 40) EP
Glyceryl monooleate (type 40) NF

Key Features

  • Oily vehicle for use in self-emulsifying lipid formulations to obtain a coarse dispersion ie. emulsion (SEDDS) or a fine dispersion ie.microemulsion (SMEDDS).
  • Bioavailability enhancer: increased oral bioavailability is potentially associated with the long chain fatty acids present in its composition and selective absorption of highly lipophilic active pharmaceutical ingredients by the lymphatic transport system reducing hepatic first-pass metabolism.
  • Good solvent for lipophilic active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Safety of use is supported by toxicological data and precedence of use in approved pharmaceutical products and nutraceutical products.


Physical Form Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB) Field of use Administration Route
  • liquid
1 Human pharmaceutical products, Veterinary products including food producing animals
  • Oral

Formulation techniques and dosage forms

  • Suitable for hard gelatin and soft gelatin capsules.
  • Suitable for adsorption onto neutral carrier powders for use in tablets, capsule filling and sachets.

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