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Always in search of creative concepts, cosmetics grow to meet consumers expectations as they evolve over time.

Mindful of the market changes, Gattefossé has identified several timeless topics. Combining an analysis of international markets and texture solutions, they are the “Gattefossé Inspirations”.

Do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative for a full presentation!


Inspiration cosmétique HAPPYHAPPY


Think positive, feel good and just be happy! Thanks to cosmetics, reach to the right state of mind following 3 simple steps: be childish, smile and indulge yourself.


Chewing Fun
Happiness Therapy
Smiling Blush
Joy Overflow







Inspiration cosmétique ENGAGEENGAGE


Today, taking action for our planet is really easy. Why not do the same in the beauty world? “Greener” ingredients, certified products and reduced consumptions, discover the different ways to protect our planet with cosmetic products.


Light Freedom
Soft Cotton
Soft Cosmos





Detox inspirationDETOX


Stress, addiction, over-consumption… Have you ever felt the need to take a break and have a fresh new start?

Here is an analysis of the different ways to detoxify through 4 topics: food, pollution, breathing and relaxation.


Feed Your Skin

Anti-Pollution Cream SPF 15

Detox Oxygen Mask

Yoga Serum



Flowers inspirationFLOWERS


Flooding social networks and fabrics, flowers are timeless stars in a lot of fields. In this presentation, discover how flowers are taking up quarters in cosmetics.


Iris Cream

Acmella Cream

Cotton Thistle Cream

Peek-A-Boo Cream





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