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Unexpected Suncare

Explore unique sensory innovations with Gattefossé


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Sensory challenge in suncare


The sensoriality of sunscreens is a major concern and a challenge for formulators.

Addition of UV filters to cosmetics brings greasiness and stickiness that are difficult to hide and unpleasant to the consumer. Despite awareness of the importance of daily UV protection, sunscreens are underused as regards quantity applied and frequency of application.




Suncare Gattefossé kid sunscreen

A team dedicated to suncare


To meet consumer expectations and provide UV protection that is a pleasure to use, Gattefossé has applied its sensory and formulation expertise to the field of suncare.


Experienced application laboratories

Unexpected combinations and innovative textures

Expert Sensory Panel

Optimization of sensoriality

Dedicated teams throughout the world

Understanding suncare needs in different environments

Tropical climate chamber

Testing of sunscreens in real-use conditions






Wide formulation offer


Our formulation teams have been working on a complete range with improved sensory properties. Forget greasiness and stickiness, rediscover suncare with products you’ll love to use ! 


Suncare formulation properties Gattefossé


Contact us to explore this new range of formulations.

- Daily & beach use

- For combination & sensitive skins

- From dry touch to ultra moisturizing

- Without alcohol

- Cool jellies

- Sprays and oils

- Creams & lotions


→ Download our SUNCARE presentation booklet to know more



Bi-Gel Technology


Bi-Oil technology by Gattefossé


Emulfree® Line allows the creation of a unique structure, called a bi-gel, with innovative technical and sensorial properties. A bi-gel is a dispersion of an oily network within an aqueous gel, stabilized by a liquid surfactantfree ingredient: Emulfree®. This lipid-based system is a synergistic association of ethylcellulose with emollients that stabilizes the oil-water interface and allows the creation of refreshing, quick-break textures using a cold process.


→ Discover Emulfree® P  and Emulfree® CBG




Gattefossé textures for suncare application



Acticire Gattefossé ingredientsActicire®

Acticire® is the perfect combination of hydrophilized jojoba, mimosa and sunflower waxes for improved sensoriality, long-lasting moisturization and comfort.




Emulium Mellifera Gattefossé ingredientsEmulium® Mellifera

Adapted to all skins, included hypersensitive skins, Emulium® Mellifera allows the formulation of suncare products with unexpected sensoriality. Based on a patented technology which transforms and functionalizes natural jojoba wax and beeswax, this emulsifier auto-adapts to the climate in which we live, bringing guaranteed pleasure to all users.




Gattefossé actives for suncare application

Malt Secrets - Protects the skin against free radical damage of pollutants

Gatuline® Spot-Light - Reduces the visibility, number and appearance of age spots by blurring the contour

Gatuline® RC BIO - Smoothes skin microrelief and increases skin moisturization

Gatuline® Skin-Repair Bio - Stimulates dermal and epidermal regeneration and improves skin barrier function

Gatuline® Renew – Relaunches the cell renewal mechanism and restore the capacity of the skin to regenerate



Download the suncare formulations developed by Gattefossé application labs

Sunscreen spray suncare by Gattefossé

Formulas showcased at in-cosmetics North America 2016 - NYC

September 7 - 8, 2016

Satin Oil SPF 30

Multi-Protection Day Screen SPF 50

Jelly Embellish Bi-Gel SPF 20

Anti-Imperfection Mousse SPF 25

Sun Control High Protection Cream SPF 50+


Formulas showcased at Cosmetorium 2016 - Barcelona

September 28 - 29, 2016

Dry Touch City Shield SPF 50+

Velvet Protection SPF 50+

Anti-Imperfection Mousse SPF 25

Refresh & Protect Bi-Gel SPF 30

Multi-Protection Day Cream SPF 50


Formulas showcased at in-cosmetics Latin America 2016 - Sao Paulo

October 5 - 6, 2016

Dry Touch City Shield SPF 50+

Velvet Protection SPF 50+

Anti-Imperfection Mousse SPF 25

Refresh & Protect Bi-Gel SPF 30

Sun Oil SPF 30



Formulas showcased at Making Cosmetics 2016 - Milano

November 22 - 23, 2016

Dry Touch City Shield SPF 50+

Velvet Protection SPF 50+

Anti-Imperfection Mousse SPF 25

Refresh & Protect Bi-Gel SPF 30

Multi-Protection Day Cream SPF 50


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