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Cytobiol Iris A²
Goodbye to skin imperfections

INCI: Propanediol (and) Water (and) Alcohol (and) Iris Florentina Root Extract (and) Zinc Sulfate (and) Retinyl Palmitate

Cytobiol™ Iris A² is an active ingredient created from Iris extract, vitamin A and Zinc salt. This synergistic blend of actives fights against the functional and physical signs of acne, be it the common adolescent form (hormonal causes) or the adult form (due to lifestyle and environment). It purifies the skin and diminishes shine and pore visibility.

Key Features

  • Unique synergistic blend of three ingredients:

- Iris rhizome extract: anti-inflammatory and astringent
- Vitamin A: seboregulating and skin regenerator
- Zinc salt: anti-bacterial and seboregulator

  • Each active targets one of the causes of acne
  • Preservative-free
  •  Easy to formulate, well tolerated


Claims :

- Anti-imperfections
- Purifies
- Reduces skin shine
- Fights existing blemishes
- Helps prevent breakouts
- Anti-imperfections
- Creates a matte finish
- Refines pores
- Reduces appearance of pores
- Improves skin texture


See the visible results on:


Bacteriostatic activity (in vitro test)
Comedolytic & non comedogenic (in vivo test)
Reduces appearance of pores (in vivo test)
Improves skin texture (in vivo test)
Reduces skin shine (in vivo test)


• Acne prone skin treatments:

- Local and targeted treatments to erase any visible signs of acne (white or blackheads)
- Rebalancing treatments: daily cleansing and purifying products

• Oily and combination skins

• Pore refining treatments

• Mattifying products

• BB, CC... creams

• Skin perfectors

Formulation guidance

Use level: 3-5%

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