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Our social responsibility

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Long-term approach

In markets where product development cycles are long, we understand the importance of taking a long-term view, and this is reflected in our core strategy. The relationships we develop with our customers are built on loyalty and mutual understanding, giving them confidence in our ability to support them on a long-term basis through each key phase of their project(s).


Customer-oriented policy

Our strategy relies on our ability to build and nurture strong and loyal relationships with our partners and customers. We are proud to offer tailored technical and marketing support to our customers, both in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries, to share with them our expertise in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products and technologies.



At Gattefossé, 25% of our staff is involved in Research and Development.


- Our scientists focus on developing innovative products, formulations and technologies at our R&D facility in Saint-Priest, France.
- We support doctoral students and run contract research projects with various academic groups worldwide (Denmark, Australia, USA, and in France, INSERM, CNRS, INRA, etc.)


To ensure a safe, comfortable and high-quality working environment, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment and resources, enabling optimum productivity and creativity.

In 2010, we invested €6 million in building new laboratories at our Saint-Priest facility dedicated both to applications and research. Within this unit, a new cell culture laboratory develops highly substantiated active ingredients for personal care products.


People Development

We are convinced that the future growth of our company depends on the talented people we employ worldwide, who are truly committed to their goals. Gattefossé is proud of its strong corporate culture, influenced by its leaders’ and founders’ characters. They have led the company’s evolution, remaining faithful to the code of ethics first established in the early days.



Our position in the personal care and pharmaceuticals markets gives us a deep understanding of the importance of health and well-being for people and the environment. We promote and support a future with improved health and well-being for all, and this is demonstrated by:


- Our respect for the environment and the careful selection of the raw materials we source
- Our selection of reliable suppliers with a long-term commitment
- Strict conformity to health and safety procedures and ethical policies
- Sharing of knowledge to ensure the future success of generations to come


In 2008, the family shareholders established the Gattefossé Foundation, which objectives are:


- To share knowledge in pharmaceutical technology
- To support research in pharmaceutical technology, biological extraction and aromatherapy
- To support charitable projects



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