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The Madagascan association AROVA receives a grant from Gattefossé Foundation

Gattefossé Foundation has awarded a grant to the AROVA association in order to fund the training of healthcare personnel in the use of local essential oils in Madagascar.

AROVA Madagascar Grant from Gattefossé Foundation



As part of its mission to promote the use of essential oils in healthcare establishments, the Gattefossé Foundation has created grants to reward and encourage the development of aromatherapy initiatives, in France and abroad.


A 5000€ grant has just been awarded to the AROVA Association (Aromatherapists of the Vakinankaratra), which brings together doctors trained in aromatherapy and aims to teach the medical and paramedical staff of the island of Madagascar the use of essential oils. It then provides them with blends of oils for their daily practice in care centers. AROVA has trained nearly 80 professionals since 2013 and intends to train an additional 100 people thanks to this funding.

This project has been selected by the Gattefossé Foundation because it stands at the heart of public health, social economy and sustainable development issues. Despite the fact that Madagascar produces over 30 different essential oils, the sector remains quite disorganised and all the oils produced are exported to foreign markets, benefiting neither the local populations nor the economy. Today, the essential oils used by the association are supplied at a wholesale price by a French NGO called Coeur de forêt. While the General Directorate of the Ministry of Health of Madagascar has advocated for the development of phyto-aromatherapy, the Foundation intends with this grant to encourage the use of local essential oils.



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