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We are expert in two complementary fields: oleochemistry and biological extraction.

This know-how enables us to meet the latest market trends in both natural performing actives and functional excipients recognized for their sensorial benefits.


Quality sourcing

At Gattefossé, we strongly believe in the potential of nature and we respect this precious resource. Our actives come from plants sourced worldwide or plant by-products, well-known or not. All those plants are selected according to exhaustive research on their composition in active molecules.


Our experts travel the world and build a sustainable network of partners in order to implement a sourcing procedure that fits the high level of technical specifications and quality and ethic commitments of the company.

Targeted high-tech extraction technologies

Our scientists use their expertise in biological extraction and phytochemistry to select and develop the best processes that allow them to extract and stabilize the active molecules.


At each development stage, our environment is a major concern. The study of innovative extraction processes using bio-based solvents, in compliance with green chemistry principles, is an important part of today’s research program.



Performance and substantiation

As proven efficacy is essential for an active, the biologists of our culture cell laboratory allow us to be at the forefront of technology in testing. This work enables to select the best extract and to better understand the mechanism of action of our products.


Clinical evaluations are designed and conducted by our experts in collaboration with partner laboratories. The performance of our active ingredients is fully demonstrated and substantiated.






Strong background

For more than fifty years, several generations of experts have contributed to develop a strong know-how in oleochemistry. Using their creativity and expertise, they innovate and create unique lipidic ingredients both functional and sensial.


Natural origin

The majority of our portfolio is of 100% plant origin. Our latest developments illustrate our efforts in selecting original, secure and economically viable sources. For instance, Emulium® Kappa², launched in 2006, is a fully natural emulsifier based on candelilla, rice bran and jojoba waxes.


Environment is a major concern, as illustrated with our commitment to RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil), and the launch of the first texturizing agent certified sustainable in 2013, Lipocire™ A SG. Moreover, 100% of our ingredients using palm oil derivatives are RSPO Book & Claim compliant.


Formulation and sensory analysis

The application laboratories of Gattefossé are located in France, in India and in China. Our team of formulators is in charge of the evaluation of the texture ingredients and the creation of a wide range of cosmetic formulations.


As a texture is difficult to characterize with physical parameters, we have set up a sensorial panel for texture analysis. This panel of sensory experts works closely with our chemists since 1996 to develop and understand the behavior and benefits of our lipochemical ingredients, pure or in formulation.


This year, Gattefossé celebrates 20 years of sensory expertise with its expert panel. 20 years of rediscovering skincare with innovative textures to please and surprise consumers.

- Link between molecular structure & sensory

- Research on understanding sensory preference across the world

- Texture mapping and matching











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