Gattefossé excipients qualified for human pharmaceutical use are suitable for the development of veterinary medicines for domestic animals and, in some cases, food producing animals.

Certain products are particularly suitable for specialized dosage forms including spot-on, pour-on and veterinary parenterals and numerous market references exist.

We can also recommend excipients for the formulation of intra-mammary emulsions, bolus medicines and animal care products, including cleansing fluids.


Spot-On (hyperlink) and Pour-On (hyperlink)

TRANSCUTOL® V is a proven high performance solubilizer and drug penetration enhancer. It is also associated with a depot effect which provides slower localized release of active ingredients.


Parenteral Administration

TRANSCUTOL® V is the excipient of choice due to its purity, solubilizing capacity, safety and regulatory status.


Transcutol® is approved for use in food producing animals, more information can be found in the Regulatory Summary Table for veterinary products.


Our Guidelines for the use of Gattefossé Excipients in Preclinical Studies provides extensive safety and toxicological information about our products and describes their administration in animal species. Please contact Gattefossé to obtain a copy.

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