Stability enhancers

Our consistency agents are ideal for oil-rich formulations to control final product viscosity, improving and stabilizing product consistency at elevated temperatures. Lipid thickeners may be used in emulsion systems to prevent coalescence and phase separation.


Topical formulations are commonly stabilized by the use of secondary emulsifiers (co-emulsifiers) and consistency agents (thickeners). The type of stabilizer(s) used varies depending on the particular needs of each drug and formulation.


Some difficult to formulate systems require the use of a secondary emulsifier (co-emulsifier), which is used at a lower concentration to improve stability. We have characterised numerous effective associations between its products. For example Labfrafil® M1944CS is frequently used as a co-emulsifier with emulsifier Tefose® 63 in mucosally applied antifungal creams.

Our brochure ‘Lipid Excipients for Topical Drug Delivery’ is available on the website and for further information about the Gattefossé Formulary containing numerous validated topical formulations please contact your local Gattefossé office.

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