Our emulsifiers offer excellent safety and tolerance and are particularly useful for resolving formulation challenges including active ingredient insolubility, heat sensitivity, extremes of pH, and the incorporation of alcohols and essential oils.


The range includes emulsifiers capable of incorporating up to 50% oily phase, and emulsifiers that can be used in a cold process for heat sensitive APIs.  They provide scope for the formulation of stabilized emulsions and microemulsions, emulgels, to sprayable fluids.  


All our emulsifiers are extremely safe providing excellent skin and mucosal membrane tolerance and many have been used in internationally approved and marketed products.


As well as offering excellent stability, emulsifiers enhance the sensorial and textural properties of a product.  Further information please download our Emulsifiers for Dermacare Formulations Guide.

Our brochure ‘Lipid Excipients for Topical Drug Delivery’ is available on the website and for further information about the Gattefossé Formulary containing numerous validated topical formulations please contact your local Gattefossé office.

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