Suppocire® Standard

Standard Suppocire® Products


Standard A, B C D Line

Bases obtained by the inter-esterification of hydrogenated palm oil and hydrogenated palm kernel oil. The well-defined medium chain triglyceride content produces a softer, self-lubricating suppository unit. These are ideal for straightforward formulations and versatile for use with manual, semi and fully automated manufacturing equipment. The M Grade products have a very low hydroxyl value and low reactivity minimizes the risk of interaction between free OH groups and acidic API and sensitive APIs.


Standard N Line

Obtained by direct esterification of selected fatty acids with glycerol. The long chain triglyceride composition results in harder suppository units with rapid solidification properties for high mechanical resistance. Lower hydroxyl value bases confer high crystallization rate and compatibility with sensitive APIs.


Standard-Plus P Line

Polyglycolized glyceride bases synthesized by the esterification of selected fatty acids with polyethylene glycol (PEG) and glycerol.  Amphiphilic behavior improves the solubilization and absorption of API. Bases can be used for bioavailability enhancement and difficult to formulate active ingredients.


Not all Suppocire® products are shown here, for the complete product range please refer to the brochure ‘Excipients for Rectal and Vaginal Drug Delivery’.

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