Suppocire® Specialty

Speciality Suppocire® Products


These bases are modified by altered monoglyceride content and / or the inclusion of additives such as phospholipids, beeswax and polyoxylethylene (POE) sorbitan esters. They have been developed to provide solutions for more challenging formulation and manufacturing situations.


L Grade

A phospholipid additive facilitates dispersion and homogenous drug distribution throughout the suppository unit. Suitable for formulations using large amounts of powder API


X Grade

A non-ionic emulsifying additive enables the incorporation of API in aqueous solutions and/or hydro-alcoholic extracts and prevents the exudation of API in solution.


S and S2 Grade

Bases with a modified monoglyceride content and/or addition of specific ingredients.

Products with a higher monoglyceride content provide increased hydrophilicity, improving the wettability of active ingredients. Appropriate when fast drug release is required.


Not all Suppocire® products are shown here, for the complete product range please refer to the brochure ‘Excipients for Rectal and Vaginal Drug Delivery’.

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