Rectal & Vaginal

Semi-synthetic bases with excellent safety, tolerance, drug dispersion and stability.


Suppocire® and Ovucire™ are our well-established brands of semi-synthetic hard fat bases. Their physicochemical properties have been optimized to provide excellent drug delivery for both solid and liquid active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) ranging from water insoluble to highly soluble.


The composition of Suppocire® and Ovucire™ bases ensures:

- the highest safety and mucosal tolerance
- excellent drug dispersion and physicochemical stability
- solidification behaviour adapted for a wide range of manufacturing equipment.


With over 50 years of industrial experience, we have developed our products to address real manufacturing and formulation challenges and our know-how can genuinely speed up drug development time by helping you with:

- Selection of the appropriate Suppocire® and Ovucire™ base by considering API characteristics
- Rapid product development benefiting from our database of validated formulations
- Laboratory scale formulation development, trouble-shooting, scale-up and manufacturing advice.


Standard Suppocire® Products

AI, A B C D (M) Line: universal vehicles for softer self-lubricating suppository units.

Standard N Line: bases for harder suppository units with rapid solidification properties.

Standard-Plus P Line: amphiphilic polyethylene glycol (PEG) containing bases.


Speciality Suppocire® Products

Bases with altered monoglyceride content or additives for more challenging formulations.


Ovucire™ Products

Bases with excellent tolerability and physicochemical properties specially adapted for vaginal drug delivery. 


For the development of rectal and vaginal creams and gels please refer to our topical excipients section.

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