Taste-masking & protection

Used in melt processes lipid excipients provide taste masking and protection of sensitive active ingredients. Inert, they combine easily with flavours and surfactants.


The physicochemical properties of lipid excipients, including thermoplasticity means they can be used in melt processing techniques to form a film coating or granules. In melt coating methods they provide an alternative to standard polymers and combine several benefits:


- Facilitating the incorporation of other functional ingredients in the lipidic film including flavours, artificial sweeteners and surfactants.
- Improving the compactability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for tableting
- Plasticity provides high resistance to fracture, useful for flash melt and chewable tablets
- Resolving compatibility problems with multiple drugs in the same dosage form
- Enabling cleaner solvent-free processing methods.


Low HLB Gelucire® can be used as a carrier for sensitive APIs, protecting from oxidative stress, humidity and light.  It can be used in capsule filling and in melt granulation techniques.


For further information on using Gattefossé lipids in melt processes please see the Formulation Techniques.

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