Finely atomized lipid excipient powders of well-defined and controlled particle size reduce friction, adherence and improve flowability. They provide superior ingredient homogeneity and content uniformity for tableting or capsule filling.


Effective lubrication in tablet and capsule production has a major impact on the quality of the final dosage form in terms of the appearance, content homogeneity, and manufacturability.  Our lubricants can be used universally to resolve manufacturing problems associated with poor powder properties; chemically inert, they are compatible with all types of active pharmaceutical ingredient, additional formulation ingredients and manufacturing equipment.


They are proven to deliver high performance lubrication independent of mixing time and speed, making tablet and capsule manufacturing processes more straightfoward.

- Compritol® 888 ATO is an ideal lubricant for tableting; it does not reduce tablet hardness and does not affect tablet disintegration time and drug dissolution rate.

- Precirol® ATO 5 offers excellent anti-friction properties and is ideally suited to capsule filling.


For more information and performance data please see our brochure ‘Advanced Tablet & Capsule Lubricants’.

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